Zero Hunger

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture



Globalisation & Spatial Change in the Global South (Danish) Block 1
Food Production, Society and Health (Danish) Block 1
From Genomics to Plant Breeding Block 1
Biodiversity (Biodiv) (Danish) Block 1
Liquid Food Processing(Danish) Block 1 + 2
Basic Plant Biology (Danish)  Block 2
Plant Science (Danish) Block 2
Biokemi (Danish) Block 2
Natural Resource Chemistry (Danish) Block 2
From Genomics to Plant Breeding Block 3
Quality of Raw Food Materials (Danish) Block 3
Development Economics Block 4
Diversity of Animals and Plants (Danish) Block 4
Crop Science (Danish) Block 4
Genetics (Danish) Block 4
Botany (Danish) Block 4
Project in Experimental Molecular Biology Block 4
Urban Food Systems in a Changing Climate (Danish) Block 4
Modul 2: Bæredygtige landskaber - løsninger i en klimakrisetid (Danish) Spring semester + block 1
Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants Summer


Alternative and Mainstream Food Systems
Block 1
Land Use Transitions in the Global South Block 1
Microbiology of Fermented Food and Beverages Block 1
Nutrition, Growth and Development Block 1
Nutrition Related Diseases Block 1
Tropical Crop Production Block 1
Plant Infection and Disease Management Block 1
Plants in Populations and Communities Block 1
Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Block 1
Practising Interdisciplinarity Block 1
Soil and Water Pollution - Concepts and Theory Block 1
Advanced Crop Production Block 1
Advanced Microbial Biotechnology Block 1
Modelling of Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Systems Block 1
Climate Management in Plant Production and Research Block 2
Participatory Natural Resource Governance Block 2
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions Block 2
Applied Agrohydrology Block 2
Climate Change and Land Use Block 2
Experimental Plant Science Block 1 & 2
Synthetic Biology Block 3
Heterologous Expression Block 3
Plant Genome Editing and Selection Block 3
Plant Ecophysiology in a Changing Climate Block 3
Marine Microbiology and Virology Block 3
European Farm and Food Systems Block 4
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Healthy Ageing Block 4
Environmental Impact Assessment Block 4
Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Block 4
Sustainable Innovation in Food Science Block 4
Issues in international development Autumn semester