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Student organisations

By hosting academic and social events such as lectures and field trips, COPACC (Copenhagen Alumni for MSc of Climate Change) is primarily a student organisation of and for students of students of the MSc of Climate Change. However, s ome of our events are also open to non-CCIMAs.

Energy Crossroads
By focusing on youth leadership, sustainability, education and diversity Energy Crossroads Denmark acts to accelerate global transition to the cleaner, prosperous and safer energy future. We run small and large projects and initiatives with the objectives of raising awareness and building knowledge. Facebook.

International Debat 
The purpose of International Debats is to contribute to a qualified public debate on international relations and to enhance interest in and knowledge about international issues. We facilitate an academic and social community for students interested in the field, and host debates and seminars in different scales.  Facebook.

Kritiske Politter
Kritiske Politter is a student society at the faculty of economics. In the field of economics, the theories presented are often very distant from the world we observe. The purpose of our student society is therefore to make events where we present economic theories that will not be presented in the mandatory courses.

Tværfagligt Fødevareforum 
Tværfagligt Fødevareforum organize different types of events with the single purpose of facilitating a more sophisticated and respectable food debate. We do not have common political ground but agree that the food debat has to be enhanced.

TVÆRS (Tværfaglige Studerende) 
The purpose of the student organisation TVÆRS is to facilitate a broad debate on interdisciplinarity featuring students across departments and universities in Denmark. We do this through everything from guest lectures and debates to case competitions. Facebook.

oikos Copenhagen 
oikos Copenhagen is the Danish chapter of the international organisation oikos, which brings together students interested in economic, social and environmental sustainability. We provide a platform for students to collaborate with Danish and international institutions, and to share and gain knowledge on sustainable economics and management. Facebook.