Sustainability projects and supervisors

The Sustainability Science Centre can help you identify a relevant researcher, potential supervisor or project within the theme of sustainability. Reflections, imagination and a bit of research on possibilities for your discipline, might be the way to get sustainability issues to fit with your assignments and studies.

Find a sustainability project or researcher 

Here are some steps on how to get inspiration and gather resources for a sustainability related project:

  • If you are looking for researchers or publications about sustainability you can search the University's database.
  • Use the mapping of sustainability studies to find relevant topics and/or courses that deal with you area of interest. For each course description you may find professors or teachers related to that area to contact.
  • You can also look into research that is already being done by different research groups at UCPH using our systems-based research page.
  • Write us an e-mail if you are looking for a person from a specific area of study, and we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Find a Bachelor's or Master's thesis supervisor

The choice of topic for your thesis is your own. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for you, if you want to focus on sustainability in your discipline.

Remember: In most cases, your thesis supervisor must be a researcher from your own institute. However, as this may vary, always check the rules of your study programme.

Search for inspirational theses