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Sustainability projects and supervisors

The Sustainability Science Centre can help you identify a relevant researcher, potential supervisor or project, if you want to focus on sustainability. Reflections, imagination and a bit of research on possibilities for your discipline, might be the way to get sustainability issues to fit with your assignments and studies.

Find a sustainability project or researcher 

If you are looking for researchers or publications about sustainablity you can always search the University's database: 

Search for researchers or publications (external link)

We have also asked researchers at the University of Copenhagen to identify research areas that you can plunge into if you want to focus on sustainability. These are listed below: 

Understanding resources
The cultural history of the concept of sustainability
Isak Winkel Holm, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies

The many layers of sustainability
Mickey Gjerris, Department of Food and Resource Economics

Telecoupling - connections across great distances
Ole Mertz, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
"Sustainable development" as a metahistorical discourse
Bo Fritzbøger, The Saxo Institute
Climate and humans in a deep-time perspective
Mikkel Sørensen, The Saxo Institute
Alternatives to the current market economy
Anders Blok, Department of Sociology
Information and sustainability
Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication
The big picture - the correlation between factors
Kjeld Rasmussen, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
Life cycle assessment
Henrik Saxe, Department of Food and Resource Economics
The gap: What we know and what we do
Peter Gundelauch, Department of Sociology
Our view of Nature
Jakob Wolf, Faculty of Theology
The effects of NGOs
Jens Hoff, Department of Political Science

Find a Bachelor's or Master's thesis supervisor

The choice of topic for your thesis is your own. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for you, if you want to focus on sustainability in your discipline.

Remember: In most cases, your thesis supervisor must be a researcher from your own institute. However, as this may vary, always check the rules of your study programme.

Search for inspirational theses

Find inspiration and examples on how to integrate sustainability topics into your thesis, in the University's databases:

Search for theses in DISKURS (external link)

Search for theses in REX (external link)