Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable cities and communities, infographic illustrating a city



Botany of Urban and Landscape Plants (Danish) Block 1
Food Production, Society and Health (Danish) Block 1
Urban Planning Studio 1 (Danish)
Block 1
Sustainable Chemistry Block 1
Planning of Cities and Countryside: Actors and Processes (Danish)
Block 1
Nature Perception - Theories and Methods for Investigation Block 2
Social Geography – Place, Space and Inequality (Danish) Block 2
Urban Planning Studio 2 (Danish)
Block 2
Urban and Regional Development  (Danish) Block 3
Urban Sociology - Human, Place and City (Danish) Block 3
Chemistry in the Green Energy Transition (Green Energy) Block 3
Climate Change, Disasters and Human Mobility Autumn
Urban Food Systems in a Changing Climate (Danish) Block 4
DCC Danish Architecture and Urban Design
Autumn or spring
East Asian Cities: Urbanization and Big-City Life in Japan, China, and Korea Spring
Pest and Diseases of Trees in Forests and Urban Areas Summer
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Applied Ethnobotany  Block 1
Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry Block 1
Biodiversity in Urban Nature Block 1
Ethics, Environment and Society Block 1
The Dynamics of City Regions: Social and Economic Change Block 1
Theories of Urban Design Block 1
Urban Ecosystems: Structures, Functions and Designs Block 1
Urbanism Studio
Block 2
Urban and Rural Transformation: Uneven Geographies in the Global North
Block 2
Climate Change and Land Use Block 2
Environmental & Planning Law - Nature & Urban Areas (Danish) Block 2
Strategic Planning for Urban Nature
Block 2
Modern Culture/4 Cities: Urban Cultural History; Urbanism and Architecture: Urban Imaginaries Autumn
Modern Culture: 4 Cities: Urbanism and Architecture
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Block 3
Transformation Studio Block 3
Applied Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Block 4
Arctic Nature and Society Block 4
Urban Intervention Studio Block 4
Rural-Urban Transformations in the Global South
Block 4
Creating Healthy Cities
Citizen Science Summer
Protein Structure and Function in Biomedicine and Sustainable Biotechnology Summer


Plantings in the urban environment 
Block 1
Sustainability in Green Management (Danish) Block 2
Urban Nature (Danish) Block 4
Designed Soils for Urban Landscapes (Danish) Spring/summer