Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainable Development Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, infographic illustrating recycling in infinity



Biogeochemical Cycles & Impacts in Society (Danish) Block 1
Food Production, Society and Health (Danish)
Block 1
The Global Geography of Food (Danish) Block 1
Sustainable Chemistry Block 1
Molecular Ecology (Danish) Block 2
Rapid Food Quality Control Methods (Danish) Block 2
Sustainable Natural Resource Management (Danish)
Block 2
Thematic Course: Nature, Environment and Society (Danish) Block 2
The Ecology of Natural Resources (Danish) Block 1 & 2
Analytical Chemistry Block 3
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Block 3
EU Law - Environment, Agriculture & Food Block 3
General Ecology (Økologi) (Danish) Block 3
Natural Resources - Management and Economy (Danish) Block 3
Natural Resources 2A - Vegetation and Bioresources (Danish) Block 3
Quality of Raw Food Materials (Danish)
Block 3
Plants for Foods - Processing and Functionality
Block 3
Food Manufacturing and Nutrition (Danish)
Block 4
Natural Resources 2B - Vegetation and Ecology (Danish) Block 4
Soil Resources and Environmental Geochemistry (Danish) Block 4
Health Data and Interoperability (Danish) Spring
Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants Summer
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Applied Ethnobotany Block 1
Ecosystems, Climate and Climate Change Block 1
Ethics, Environment and Society Block 1
Experimental Soil Analysis Block 1
Land Use Transitions in the Global South Block 1
The Food Industry: Structure and Economics Block 1
Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Block 1
Tropical Crop Production Block 1
Advanced Crop Production
Block 1
Consumption-Investment Problems
Block 1
Determinants of Food Consumption
Block 1
Ecology and Ecosystems Science in relation to Environmental Economics Block 1 & 2
Environmental Management in Europe Block 1 & 2
Advanced Analytical Chemistry - Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Block 2
Applied Economics of Forest and Nature Block 2
Biorefinery – From Plants to Bioenergy, Biochemicals, Biomaterials, and High Value Products Block 2
Climate Change and Land Use Block 2
Climate Solutions Block 2
Ecosystem Services from Forests and Nature Block 2
Innovation in Food Systems
Block 2
Natural Resource Economics Block 2
Participatory Natural Resource Governance Block 2
Thematic Course in Food Innovation and Health Block 2
Climate Management in Plant Production and Research
Block 2
Microeconomic and Econometric Production Analysis
Block 2
Advanced Economics of the Environment and Climate Change
Energy Economics of the Green Transition
sustainability law (Danish)
Applied Ecosystem Ecology Block 3
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Block 3
Herd Health Consultancy and Veterinary Public Health (Danish) Block 3
Land Use and Environmental Modelling Block 3
Meal Systems and Technologies
Block 3
Motivation and Pro-Environmental Behaviour - Managing Change Block 3
Pesticide Use, Mode of Action and Ecotoxicology
Block 3
Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries Block 4
Applied Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Block 4
Environmental Impact Assessment Block 4
Farm and Food Systems
Block 4
Life Cycle Assessment within Biological Production Systems Block 4
Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Block 4
Working as a Consultant Block 4
Sustainable Processing and Production Systems
Block 4
One Health
Block 3 + 4
Critical Development Planning and Policy: Africa Focus Spring 
Consumption, Lifestyle, and the Climate (SUMMER 2023+2024)
Consumption, Lifestyle and the Climate Summer
Forest and Nature Management Planning Summer
Protein Structure and Function in Biomedicine and Sustainable Biotechnology Summer
Sustainable Development of Land Use Summer

Professional bachelor

Production of Christmas Trees and Greenery Summer
Designed Soils for Urban Landscapes (Danish) Summer