Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainable Development Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, infographic illustrating recycling in infinity



Biogeochemical Cycles & Impacts in Society (SVS) (Danish) Block 1
The Global Geography of Food (Danish) Block 1
Food Production, Society and Health (Danish) Block 1
Molecular Ecology (Danish) Block 2
The Ecology of Natural Resources (Danish) Block 1 & 2
Animals, Humans and Society (Danish) Block 1 & 2
Rapid Food Quality Control Methods (Danish) Block 2
Sustainable Natural Resource Management (Danish)
Block 2
Thematic Course: Nature, Environment and Society (Danish) Block 2
Health Data and Interoperability (Danish) Spring Semester
EU Law - Environment, Agriculture & Food Block 3
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Block 3
Analytical Chemistry Block 3
Quality of Raw Food Materials (Danish)
Block 3
General Ecology (Økologi) (Danish)
Block 3
Natural Resources - Management and Economy (Danish)
Block 3
Natural Resources 2A - Vegetation and Bioresources (Danish)
Block 3
Natural Resources 2B - Vegetation and Ecology (Danish) Block 4
Food Manufacturing and Nutrition (Danish) Block 4
Soil Resources and Environmental Geochemistry (Danish) Block 4
Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants Summer
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Alternative and Mainstream Food Systems Block 1
The Food Industry: Structure and Economics Block 1
Ecosystems, Climate and Climate Change Block 1
Ethics, Environment and Society Block 1
Land Use Transitions in the Global South Block 1
Experimental Soil Analysis Block 1
Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Block 1
Applied Ethnobotany Block 1
Tropical Crop Production Block 1
Ecology and Ecosystems Science in relation to Environmental Economics Block 1 & 2
Environmental Management in Europe Block 1 & 2
Advanced Analytical Chemistry - Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Block 2
Applied Economics of Forest and Nature Block 2
Climate Change and Land Use Block 2
Biorefinery – From Plants to Bioenergy, Biochemicals, Biomaterials, and High Value Products Block 2
Natural Resource Economics Block 2
Participatory Natural Resource Governance Block 2
Climate Solutions Block 2
Thematic Course in Food Innovation and Health Block 2
Sustainable Innovation in Food Science Block 2
Ecosystem Services from Forests and Nature
Block 2
Biorefinery – From Plants to Bioenergy, Biochemicals, Biomaterials, and High Value Products
Block 2
Innovation in Food Systems
Block 2
Transformation of Cities and Landscapes: Globalisation and Local Strategies
Block 2
Advanced Economics of the Environment and Climate Change
Autumn Semester
Applied Ecosystem Ecology Block 3
Land Use and Environmental Modelling Block 3
Meal Systems and Technologies
Block 3
Motivation and Pro-Environmental Behaviour - Managing Change Block 3
Pesticide Use, Mode of Action and Ecotoxicology
Block 3
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Block 3
Environmental Impact Assessment Block 4
Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries Block 4
European Farm and Food Systems
Block 4
Life Cycle Assessment within Biological Production Systems Block 4
Climate Change and Forestry: Monitoring and Policies Block 4
Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Block 4
Working as a Consultant Block 4
Applied Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Block 4
Critical Development Planning and Policy: Africa Focus Spring Semester