Reduced Inequality

Sustainable Development Goal 10 Reduced inequalities, infographic illustrating progress and equality



Globalisation and Local Development in Developing Countries (Danish) Block 1
Globalisation & Spatial Change in the Global South (Danish) Block 1
Social Geography – Place, Space and Inequality (Danish) Blok 2
Non-discrimination and Equality (Danish) Autumn 
Sustainable Denmark: How can We achieve Sustainable Development Autumn 
Development Economics (Faculty of Science)
Block 4
Migration, politics and social change (Danish) Spring 
Welfare, inequality and social mobility (Danish) Spring 
Understanding Sustainability


Environment, Society and Development in the Global South Block 1
Political Ecology Block 1
The Dynamics of City Regions: Social and Economic Change Block 1
Environmental Justice Block 2
Indigeneity, Law and Nature Autumn
Gender, Environment and Sustainable Development Block 4
The politics of Borders and Migration Control: Critical Social Science Approaches Spring
Gender, Innovation and Diversity in Public and Private Institutions (Danish) Summer