Development Economics  Block 4


Disaster Risk Management - From Theory to Practice Block 1
Environment, Society and Development Block 1
Land Use Transitions in the Global South Block 1
Livelihoods and Rural-Urban Connections in the Global South Block 1
Preparedness and Response to Humanitarian Crises Block 1
Agroforestry Block 2
Sustainable Agricultural Development Pathways Block 2
Economic Growth and Inequality Block 4
Tropical Forest Restoration Block 4
Africa and Globalisation: Linking and Delinking Practices in Perspective Autumn semester
Economic Development in Africa (only available to students registered for the full MA in African Studies, or the Professional Masters in African Studies) Autumn semester
Global Development: Theories, Facts and Current Issues (This course is only for students at Global Development and is therefore not open to credit/exchange students) Autumn semester
Issues in international development Autumn semester
Law and Policy for Global Catastrophic and Existential Risks - NOTE: THE COURSE IS CANCELLED IN THE AUTUMN SEMESTER 2018 Autumn semester
Development Economics (Students should have followed Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses corresponding to 2nd year undergraduate level at the Department of Economics) Spring semester
Portuguese and Brazilian Studies - Global Challenges for the Portuguese-Speaking World (Portuguese) Spring semester

Shelter and Settlements in Disasters

Spring semester