No Poverty

Sustainable Development Goal 1, End poverty in all its forms everywhere. Infographic of people holding hands



Food Production, Society and Health (Danish) Block 1
Development Economics, bachelor  Block 4
Thematic course: Towards Green Transition in Africa? Spring semester
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Agricultural and Food Policy Block 1
Disaster Risk Management - From Theory to Practice Block 1
Environment, Society and Development Block 1
Land Use Transitions in the Global South Block 1
Preparedness and Response to Humanitarian Crises Block 1
Plant Infection and Disease Management Block 1
Tropical Forests, People, and Policies Block 1
Agroforestry Block 2
Livelihoods and Environmental Change Block 2
Sustainable Tropical Forestry School Block 3
Economic Growth and Inequality Block 4
Tropical Forest Restoration Block 4
Africa and Globalisation: Linking and Delinking Practices in Perspective Autumn semester
Economic Development in Africa Autumn semester
Global Development: Theories, Facts and Current Issues  Autumn semester
Issues in international development Autumn semester
Brazil – Society and Communication Spring semester
Portuguese and Brazilian Studies - Global Challenges for the Portuguese-Speaking World (Portuguese) Spring semester

Shelter and Settlements in Disasters

Spring semester

Thematic course: Towards Green Transition in Africa?

Spring semester