Applied Marine Biology Block 1
Biodiversity (Danish) Block 1
Climate, Weather and Plants Block 1
Ice and Climate (Danish) Block 2
Basic Arctic Biology (Danish) Block 3
Climatology and Hydrology (Danish) Block 3
Natural Resource Management and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Danish) Block 4


Advanced Ecology Block 1
Coastal Geoscience Block 1
Earth and Climate Physics Block 1
Ecosystems, Climate and Climate Change Block 1
Marine Biology Block 1
Introduction to Arctic Ecosystems Block 3
Introduction to Arctic Geoscience Block 3
Outdoor Recreation - Planning and Management Block 3
Past Climate and Sea Level: Processes and Proxies Block 3
Arctic Nature and Society Block 4
Freshwater Ecology Block 4
Life cycle assessment within biological production systems Block 4
Ecology and Ecosystems Science in relation to Environmental Economics Autumn semester
International Environmental Law Autumn semester