Life Below Water

Sustainable Development Goal 14, infographic illustrating a fish in the ocean



Applied Marine Biology Block 1
Biodiversity (Danish) Block 1
Biological Sequence Analysis  Block 1
Diversity of the Organisms - The Tree of Life (Danish)
Block 1
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry (Danish)
Block 1
Marine Geology: Microplastic Fate, High-Resolution Seismics and Archaeology Block 1
Water Quality and Environmental Status in Lakes and Streams (Danish) Block 1
Climate Change and Water Resources Block 2
Ice and Climate
Block 2
Nature, Humanity, and Global Perspectives in Modern Spirituality and Esotericism
The Arctic, Climate Change, and International Law Autunm
Basic Arctic Biology (Danish) Block 3
Climatology and Hydrology (Danish) Block 3
Marine Mammal Biology and Research Block 3
Evolutionary Biology (Danish) Block 4
Diversity of Animals and Plants (Danish) 
Block 4
Natural Resource Management and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Danish) Block 4
Macro Fauna in Freshwater: Ecology and Environmental assessment Summer
Marine Biological Summer Course Summer


Advanced Ecology Block 1
Applied Economics of Arctic Natural Resources Block 1
Coastal Geoscience Block 1
Earth and Climate Physics Block 1
Ecosystems, Climate and Climate Change Block 1
Experimental Marine Biology Block 1
Marine Biology Block 1
Thematic Course 1: Ecology and management of nature and semi-nature areas Block 1
Glacial Geoscience
Block 2
Methodology and Sampling in Environmental Management Block 2
Innovation law and stimulating green technologies to tackle climate change
Past Climate Block 3
Sensory Biology Block 3
Arctic Nature and Society Block 4
Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemicals Block 4
Freshwater Ecology Block 4
Life cycle assessment within biological production systems Block 4
Ecology and Ecosystems Science in relation to Environmental Economics Autumn
International Environmental Law Autumn
International Law of the Sea Autumn
Nature, Humanity, and Global Perspectives in Modern Spirituality and Esotericism Autumn
‘Apricot Trees Exist’: Creative Environmental Reading and Writing in English
Environmental Justice Summer
Citizen Science Summer
Marine Faunistics: Biology and Systematics of Marine Fish and Invertebrates Summer
Sustainable Development of Land Use

Professional bachelor

Wildlife Management (Danish) Summer