Globalisering og rumlig forandring i det globale syd (Danish) Block 1
Globalisering og lokal udvikling i u-landene (Danish)  Block 1 
IT Project Management (ITP)  (Danish) Block 1
Applied Biotechnology (Danish) Block 2
Computer Systems (CompSys) (Danish) Block 1 & 2
Development of Information Systems (UIS) Block 3 & 4


Fundamentals of Beer Brewing and Wine Making - Biochemistry, Organisms and Omics Techniques Block 1
Experimental Analytical Chemistry: Method Development and Quality Assurance Block 2
Thematic Course in Food Innovation and Health Block 2
Participatory Natural Resource Governance Block 2
Globalisation and Dynamics in Global Value Chains Block 3
Pesticide Use, Mode of Action and Ecotoxicology Block 3
MSc Programme in Computer Science Block 3 & 4
Arctic Nature and Society Block 4