Athletics, Physical Training and Outdoor Activities Block 1 + 2
Food Production, Society and Health
Block 1
Health, Nutrition and Quality of Life (Danish) Block 1 + 2
Microbiology of Fermented Food and Beverages Block 1
Youth in Sport
Block 1
Exercise and Nutrition Block 1
General Molecular Biology (Molbiol) (Danish)
Block 1
General Cell Biology (Cellebiol) (Danish)
Block 1
Protein Science A (ProtSciA)
Block 1
Protein Science C (ProtSciC) Block 1
Basic Human Physiology (Danish)
Block 2
Human Physiology (Fysiologi) (Danish)
Block 2
General Microbiology (Mikrobiol) (Danish)
Block 2
Structural Bioinformatics 
Block 2
Molecular Cell Biology
Block 2
Immunology (Immun) Block 2
Exercise Physiology 1 Block 2
Exercise Physiology 2 Block 3
Exercise for Disease Prevention and Treatment
Block 3
Sport, Body and Media
Block 3
Sport Psychology and Identity Block 3
Quality of Raw Food Materials
Block 3
Microbial Biotechnology Block 3
Apparatus Gymnastics and Motor Skills Block 3 + 4
Functional Anatomy, Muscle- and Neurophysiology
Block 3 + 4
General Biochemistry 1 (BioK1) (Danish) Block 4
Signal Transduction (Danish)
Block 4
International Health Spring


Drivers of Change in Human Health: Coping with population and environmental dynamics Block 1
Global Health and Diseases; Introduction and Major Challenges Block 1
Alternative and Mainstream Food Systems Block 1
Health Design Block 1
Medical Technological Innovation and Society (Danish) Block 1
Nutrition, Growth and Development Block 1
Evidence, Diet and Health Block 1
Nutrition Physiology Block 1
Physical Activity and Health
Block 1
Sport and Physical Activity Block 1
Sport and Welfare Policy
Block 1
Medical Image Analysis (MIA) Block 1
Molecular Biology for Non-life Scientists Block 1
Advanced Bacteriology 1
Block 1
Experimental Molecular Genetics
Block 1
The Human Microbiome
Block 1
Theoretical Molecular Genetics
Block 1
Principal Subject in Molecular Genetics 2 Block 1 & 2
Principal Subject in Molecular Microbiology 2
Block 1 & 2
Principal Subject in Protein Chemistry
Block 1 & 3
Food Consumer Research Block 1 & 4
The Anthropology of Global Health (4 slots are allocated for credit transfer students) Block 2
Advanced Carbohydrate Technologies Block 2
Nutrition Related Diseases Block 2
Introduction to Human Nutrition Block 2
Macroecology and Community Ecology Block 2
The Governance and Development of Sport in Theory and Practice Block 2
Thematic Course in Food Innovation and Health Block 2
Molecular Neurobiology Block 2
Advanced Bacteriology 2
Block 2
Cellular Signalling in Health and Disease
Block 2
Epigenetics and Cell Differentiation
Block 2
Genome Sequence Analysis
Block 2
NMR Spectroscopy Block 2
Experimental Nutrition Physiology Block 3
Environmental Epidemiology Block 3
Outdoor Recreation - Planning and Management Block 3
Pato- and Nutritional Physiology, Diet Therapy Block 3
Metabolisme og aerob træning
Block 3
Meal Systems and Technologies
Block 3
Evolutionary Medicine Block 3
Statistics for Molecular Biomedicine
Block 3
Statistics for Molecular Biomedicine
Block 3
Population Genetics
Block 3
Medical Bacteriology
Block 3
Human Genetics
Block 3
Human Physiology  Block 3 + 4
Food Manufacturing and Nutrition Block 4
Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Block 4
Paediatric Clinical Nutrition Block 4
Public Health and Nutrition Block 4
Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Block 4
Global Partners, Policies and Health Care Systems Block 4
Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemicals Block 4
Bioinformatics of High Throughput Analyses Block 4
The Human Microbiome - Experiments
Block 4
Environmental and Occupational Health (Danish) Autumn semester
Health and Human Rights Autumn semester
Physical Activity and Health (Danish) Spring semester
Demography Spring semester
Water Supply and Sanitation in Emergencies Spring semester
Health in Emergencies and Refugee Health Spring semester
Health Information Infrastructures (Danish) Spring semester
Advanced Development Economics - Micro Aspects Spring semester
Advanced Development Economics - Macro Aspects Autumn semester
International Study Exposure – Global Public Health (For students of the Master of Science in Medicine at Copenhagen University) Autumn or spring
One Health Summer school
Arctic Health in Medicine  Summer school
Urbanisation and Health Summer school
Principal Subject in Protein Chemistry 3 Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, Block 4 And Summer
Principal Subject in Molecular Microbiology 3 Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, Block 4 And Summer
Principal Subject in Molecular Genetics 3
Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, Block 4 And Summer