Good Health and Well-being

Sustainable Development Goal 3. Good Health and Wellbeing, infographic showing a heart monitor and a heart



Food Production, Society and Health (Danish)
Block 1
Microbiology of Fermented Food and Beverages Block 1
Health, Nutrition and Quality of Life A  (Danish) Block 3
Quality of Raw Food Materials (Danish)
Block 3
Environment and Sustainability Spring semester
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Cardio-metabolic Diseases in Global Populations Block 1
Global Health and Diseases; Introduction and Major Challenges Block 1
Medical Technological Innovation and Society (Danish) Block 1
Nutrition, Growth and Development Block 1
Nutrition Physiology Block 1
Thematic Course in Food Innovation and Health Block 1
The Anthropology of Global Health Block 2
Bioactive Food Components and Health
Block 2
Consumer Economics and Food Policy Block 2
Drivers of Change in Human Health: Coping with population and environmental dynamics Block 2
Nutrition Related Diseases Block 2
Cellular Signalling in Health and Disease
Block 2
Module 1: Human Being in the Landscape - Health, Nature and Sustainability (Danish)
Block 1 + 2
Innovation law and stimulating green technologies to tackle climate change
Spring semester 
Environmental Epidemiology Block 3
Gut Microbiome in Nutrition and Health Block 3
Pato- and Nutritional Physiology, Diet Therapy (Danish) Block 3
Meal Systems and Technologies
Block 3
Food Manufacturing and Nutrition (Danish) Block 4
Paediatric Clinical Nutrition (Danish)
Block 4
Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Block 4
Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Block 4
Global Partners, Policies and Health Care Systems Block 4
Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemicals Block 4
Meal Consumer Research Block 4
Water Supply and Sanitation in Emergencies Spring semester
Health in Emergencies and Refugee Health Spring semester
Advanced Development Economics - Micro Aspects Spring semester
Advanced Development Economics - Macro Aspects Autumn semester
International Study Exposure – Global Public Health  Autumn semester
One Health Summer school
Urbanisation and Health Summer school