Good Health and Well-being

Sustainable Development Goal 3. Good Health and Wellbeing, infographic showing a heart monitor and a heart



Food Production, Society and Health (Danish)
Block 1
Microbiology of Fermented Food and Beverages Block 1
Health, Nutrition and Quality of Life A  (Danish) Block 3
Quality of Raw Food Materials (Danish)
Block 3
Environment and Sustainability Spring
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Cardiommetabolic Health and Diseases in Global Populations Block 1
Global Health and Diseases; Introduction and Major Challenges Block 1
Medical Technological Innovation and Society (Danish) Block 1
Parasitic Zoonoses and One Health control approaches Block 1
Thematic Course in Food Innovation and Health Block 1
Air Pollution and Health Block 2
Bioactive Food Components and Health
Block 2
Cellular Signalling in Health and Disease Block 2
Consumer Economics and Food Policy Block 2
Human Parasitology Block 2
International Study Exposure – Global Public Health  Autumn
Environmental Epidemiology Block 3
Gut Microbiome in Nutrition and Health Block 3
Herd Health Consultancy and Veterinary Public Health (Danish)
Block 3
Meal Systems and Technologies Block 3
Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemicals Block 4
Food Manufacturing and Nutrition (Danish) Block 4
Global Partners, Policies and Health Care Systems Block 4
Food and Meal Consumer Research Block 4
Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Block 4
Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Block 4
Advanced Development Economics - Micro Aspects Spring
Health in Emergencies and Refugee Health Spring
Innovation law and stimulating green technologies to tackle climate change Spring
Water Supply and Sanitation in Emergencies Spring
Digital Health Summer
One Health International Summer Course Summer
Protein Structure and Function in Biomedicine and Sustainable Biotechnology Summer
Value based Health Care - the Future for the Health Care Sector? Summer