Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainable Development Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth, infographic illustrating a financial chart



Globalisation and Spatial Change in the Global South (Danish) Block 1
Sustainable Development of Denmark in the World Autumn
Natural Resources - Management and Economy (Danish) Block 3
Development Economics Block 4
Signal Transduction (Danish) Block 4
Business Economics (Danish)
Understanding Sustainability


Advanced Development Economics

Block 2

Applied Economics of Forest and Nature

Block 2
Data-Driven Financial Models (DatFin) Block 2

Geopolitics of Climate Change

Block 2

Globalisation and Dynamics in Global Value Chains

Block 2
China and International Business Law Autumn
Economic Development in Africa Autumn
Seminar: Ecological Economics (Danish) Autumn
The Economics of Climate Change Block 3
Arctic Nature and Society Block 4
Working as a Consultant Block 4
Advanced Development Economics - Micro Aspects Spring
Critical Development Planning and Policy: Africa Focus Spring
Politics, Development and Change in Africa Spring
Arctic Health Summer
The Economic History of Europe Summer