Clean Water and Sanitation

Sustainable Development Goal 6, infographic showing a drop of water in a glass of water



Hydrogeologi (HydroGeo) (Danish) Block 1
Experimental Soil Analysis Bachelor  (Danish) Block 1
Environmental & Planning Law - Nature & Water (Danish) Block 2
Environmental Chemistry of Biological Systems (Danish) Block 2

Agricultural Policy (Danish)

Block 2
Molecular Ecology (Danish)
Block 2
Analytical Chemistry Block 3
Biochemistry for Natural Resources (Danish) Block 3
Hydrology (Hydro) (Danish) Block 4
Soil, Water and Plants (Danish) Block 4
Hydrogeological Field Course (Danish) Summer
Water Quality and Environmental Status in Lakes and Streams (Danish) Summer


Climate Change and Water Resources Block 1
Ecosystems, Climate and Climate Change Block 1
Soil and Water Pollution - Concepts and Theory Block 1
Experimental Soil Analysis Block 1
Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Block 1
Ecology and Ecosystems Science in relation to Environmental Economics Block 1 + 2
Control of Foodborne Microorganisms Block 2
Applied Agrohydrology Block 2
Soil and Water Pollution - Experimental Assessment Block 2
Issues in international development Autumn semester
Applied Ecosystem Ecology Block 3
Synthetic Biology Block 3
Marine Microbiology and Virology Block 3
Environmental Impact Assessment Block 4
Water Resources Management Block 4
Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemicals Block 4
EU-Environmental Law Spring semester
Water Supply and Sanitation in Emergencies Spring semester