Previous lectures - Overview


George MarshallHow do we communicate climate change?


Kate RaworthDoughnut Economics - reinventing the shape of progress

Connie Hedegaard & Dan EstyHow can global action on climate change be accelerated? Reflections from an American and European perspective.


Timothy Carter: Green Roofs, Urban Waterways, and Higher Education

Sabrina FernandesBetween guns and soy: Jair Bolsonaro's authoritarianism in Brazil

Emotional Responses to the Climate Crisis: Anxiety, Anger and Action 


How to reconcile digitalization & environmental protection?

Olivier De SchutterThe Enabling State: Building the Ecological Transition on Social Innovations

Sustainability Science and Activism: Prospects and Approaches to a Global Crisis 


Tony SimonsWild Fires and Wild Policies: Sustaining the World’s forests and their life supporting functions.

Heidi RoopConfronting Climate Change: Is it time to embrace a new role for climate science (and scientists)?

Vidar HelgesenOcean health, ocean wealth: Building a sustainable ocean economy

Brent Loken, Daniel Vennard et. al. with Concito: Sustainable diets - Why and how? 

Fredi Otto, Emily Boyd and Kristian Cedervall Lauta: Who is to blame for extreme weather events? 

Callum ThomasThe Future of Air Transport in Low Carbon Economy - Where will your grandchildren be going on holiday?

Sarah HarperSustainable Population Growth: understanding fertility intentions in sub-Saharan countries

Johan Rockström: Keynote lecture in celebration of Concito's 10 year anniversary

Bevyline SitholeThe Aboriginal Reality - Bridging the gap between black fella and white fella dreaming about sustainability

Andrew RevkinThe Good, the Bad and the Anthropocene

Kate Raworth: Doughnut Economics

Tim Jackson: Prosperity without growth

Angelina GalitevaPathways to 100% Renewable Energy -- the electrification of all Sectors

Dave Goulson: Saving Bumblebees

Minik Rosing: What Greenland can do for the tropical countries


Robert Falkner: American exceptionalism, great power responsibility and global sustainability

Bruce Campbell: What is needed to transform agriculture and food systems in the face of climate change?

Kate RaworthHow to Think Like a 21st Century Economist

Sustainability SeminarClimate management and communication in a world of “Trumps and Brexits”

Mogens Lykketoft: The Sustainable Development Goals – a necessary revolution

Richard DamaniaConnecting the Drops: Water Scarcity and the Economy


Bob Massie: Divestment from fossil fuels and the implications for the Paris Agreement

Saleemul Huq: How the most vulnerable countries are leading the world to tackle climate change

Jeffrey D. Sachs: Implementing the Paris Climate Agreement

Amy Lauren Lovecraft: Anticipatory Governance in Social-Ecological Systems: Researching Community Health and Sustainability in Arctic Alaska

Naomi Oreskes: The persistence of climate change denial

Sir Andy Haines: Safeguarding human health in the Anthropocene epoch


Julian Agyeman & Duncan McLaren: Sharing Cities - A Case for Truly Smart and Sustainable Cities

Johan Rockström: Arctic Resilience and Humanity's Future on Earth

Niki Frantzeskaki: Systems Thinking and Sustainability

ODYSUS workshop: Data and Sustainable Development Goals

Dr. Kandeh YumkellaSustainable Energy for All – an initiative to transform the global energy system

Stefan RahmstorfChanges in the Gulf Stream System, planetary waves and extreme weather

Magdy Martínez-Solimán: Sustainable Development Goals - Rethinking Sustainable Development in the Post-2015 Era


COSI Launch

Sir David King & Laura Storm: How cities can respond to 21st century climate change challenges

Sean Meyn: Why Do We Ignore Risk in Power Economics?

Edward Millard & Henrik Egelyng: From cocoa to consumer – building beyond sustainable certifications

Inge Kaul: The sovereignty paradox and how to solve it

Matt Hoffman & Maria Figueroa: Is a Breakthrough in Climate Change Governance on the Horizon?

James White: Sustainability, abrupt climate change and you

Martin Lidegaard: What you can do to change the climate


Ruben Echeverría: Sustainable partnerships for global food security

Tim Jackson: Prosperity and sustainability “after the crisis”

Max Boykoff: Making Sense of the role of media in shaping awareness and engagement with climate change

Ben Cashore: Can market forces rescue global forest governance?

David Gee: Late lessons from early warnings

Tony Simons: Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes: Approaches, Tools and Metrics

Lidia Brito: Science for Global Sustainability: Challenges and opportunities

Mohamed Nasheed: How can we build a carbon neutral world economy?

Jon Day: Ecosystem based management – is the Great Barrier Reef really the ‘gold standard?'

Dr. Paval Kabat: Systems Science for Policy Support


Tim Lenton: Early warning of climate tipping points

Mike Hulme: What sort of knowledge for what sort of politics?

Christian Friis Bach: Rio+20 – Green economy and global visions

Arctic Conference

Michael Grubb: Planetary Economics


Rajendra K. Pachauri: Is Today's Economic Growth Sustainable?

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber: A social contract for sustainability. But what if we fail?

Gerhard Dieterle: Global Demands – Local Needs

Wangari Maathai: The Environment, Democracy & Peace: A critical link

Stephen Toope: Everything is Included

Connie Hedegaard: EU's Role in the Climate Change Negotiations

Inger Andersen: Greening Development: Moving Towards Rio+20 and Beyond

Finn Tarp og Per Pinstrup-Andersen: Sustainable Development in a Period of Climate Change