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The purpose of the Sustainability Science Centre is to catalyse, facilitate and coordinate research and educational initiatives at the University of Copenhagen in order to address issues relevant to the sustainable development of society.

The centre brings together the strong disciplinary traditions of several faculties in order to address the key problems of sustainable development and globalisation in a highly integrative manner. Thereby aiming to make the University of Copenhagen a leading actor in this particular field, both in terms of research and in post-graduate education.

The centre also serves the community at large by providing free, public lectures on sustainability issues and a portal through which the university’s competences in sustainability can be accessed.


The centre is located at the North Campus, Universitetsparken 15, Building 3, 3rd floor, 2100 København Ø, and can be contacted at sustainability@science.ku.dk

Steering Committee

Professor Katherine Richardson is chairman of the steering committee.

  • Katherine Richardson, Faculty of Science
  • Kristian Cedervall Lauta, Faculty of Law
  • Jens Hoff, Faculty of Social Science
  • Julie Sommerlund, Faculty of Humanities
  • Morten Pejrup, Faculty of Science
  • Steffen Loft, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Stig Jensen, Faculty of Theology
  • Tomas Refslund Poulsen, Green Campus

Administration: Annette Jeholm, Faculty of Science

Leading by example

As a workplace for more than 40,000 employees and students, the University of Copenhagen also has a strong focus on reducing its own energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and becoming one of the greenest campuses in Europe. These initiatives are coordinated through the Green Campus Project.