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The Sustainability Science Centre is your gateway to research, education and activities in sustainability at University of Copenhagen. The centre encourages cross-disciplinary research collaboration, promotes partnerships between researchers and businesses and offers support for decision makers. Only through a joint effort across scientific fields can we address the challenges facing humankind.

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What's new?

  • International team maps "Big Bang" of bird evolution


    The genomes of modern birds tell a story of how they emerged and evolved after the mass extinction that wiped out dinosaurs and almost everything else 66 million years ago. »

  • Fungus-growing ants selectively cultivate their crops


    Ever since agriculture evolved ca 10.000 years ago, plants have been artificially selectedto become the fast growing and highly productive varieties we know today. However, humans were not the first to see merit in cultivating their own food, as ants have beendoing this for 50 million years. A lineage of South-American ants collect leaves and recycletheir own feces to manure a fungus garden for food. New research shows that these ants have an evolutionary history of improvement of their fungal crops. »

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