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Energy and transport systems

Our modern civilization relies on a great supply of energy. However, the climatic consequences of burning fossil fuels – together with the fact that the Earth’s stock of oil, gas and coal is limited – makes the need for new energy technologies obvious. Research in technologies such as wind power, solar energy and biomass provide cleaner sources of inputs to our energy grids.

Further research on how to convert and store energy in different forms provides a sustainable alternative for the transport sector that is still highly dependent on oil and gas for cars, ships and airplanes. This also helps ensure a reliable system that can provide energy whenever we need it rather than whenever the wind blows.

As renewable energy sources vary across geographical regions, we need to know more about adapting the energy systems to specific local contexts. Furthermore, in areas where energy demand far exceeds the supply, there is a need for developing practices of good governance and rights-based distribution of the resources.

On this page, we provide an overview of current energy and transport systems-related research projects underway at UCPH.

Relevant research activites at the University of Copenhagen

Centre for Exploitation of Solar Energy aims at developing new solutions to the exploitation of solar energy, through the development of new light-harvesting photovoltaic devices and of new organic materials for efficient storage of energy.

The Center for Synthetic Biology is a crossdisciplinary research center that aims at developing technologies that can enable the transition to a sustainable biobased society
Copenhagen Plant Science Centre (CPSC) pursues research in the interface between plant molecular biology, nano-science and biophysics. Through synthetic biology CPSC will develop novel functional modules, pathways and products. Furthermore, research will focus on improved agronomic traits, drought and pest resistance and crops designed for biorefinery and biofuel.

The Centre for Energy, Environment and Health (CEEH) is a collaboration between scientists from different research fields, with the mission to develop a system to support planning of future energy systems in Denmark, where both direct and indirect costs related to environment, climate and health are considered.

Bio4Bio focuses Danish research within plant biology, biomass technology, microbiology and processing technology for the advancement of biotechnologies for conversion of non-food plan biomass to sustainable energy carriers.