Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Sustainable Development Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, infographic illustrating a peace dove and a gavel



European Court of Human Rights Autumn semester
International Dispute Resolution and International Courts Autumn semester
Climate Diplomacy: Political dilemmas between security, trade, and development (Danish) Autumn semester
Fundamental Rights of the Individual (Danish) Spring semester
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Ethics, Environment and Society Block 1
Conflict Management Block 2
Disaster Recovery Planning and Development Block 2
Geo Information in Disaster Situations Block 3
Interdisciplinary Land Use and Natural Resource Management Block 3
Children's and Young People's Social Rights and Welfare Rights (Danish) Autumn semester
International Human Rights Law Autumn and Spring semester
Critical Development Planning and Policy: Africa Focus Spring semester
Shelter and Settlements in Disasters Spring semester
Machine Learning in Conflict Prediction Autumn semester
The Politics of Environment and Climate Autumn Semester