Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Sustainable Development Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, infographic illustrating a peace dove and a gavel



European Court of Human Rights Autumn
HELGA. Nature, Science and Democracy (Danish) Autumn
International Dispute Resolution and International Courts Autumn
Theories of Minority-Majority Relations Research (Danish) Autumn
Sustainable Natural Resource Management (Danish) Block 2
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Ethics, Environment and Society Block 1
Conflict Management Block 2
Disaster Recovery Planning and Development Block 2
Environmental Justice Block 2
Geo Information in Disaster Situations Block 3
Children's and Young People's Social Rights and Welfare Rights (Danish) Autumn
Climate Change, Disasters and Human Mobility Autumn
Climate Diplomacy: A discipline across security, trade, and development (Danish)
Democratic Innovations in a Green Transition
Human Rights in Southeast Asia Autumn
Indigeneity, Law and Nature
International Human Rights Law
Autumn and Spring
Protest movements, Culture, and Social Change Autumn
Sustainability Law (Danish) Autumn
The Politics of Environment and Climate Autumn
Critical Development Planning and Policy: Africa Focus Spring
Democracy in a climate crisis – how is the need for urgent green transition challenging our democracy? (Danish) Spring
Democratization and ethno-religious conflict in Southeast Asia Spring
Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes Spring and Summer
Shelter and Settlements in Disasters Spring