Climate Action

Sustainable Development Goal 13, infographic illustrating an eye and our planet



Applied Marine Biology
Block 1
Biogeochemical Cycles & Impacts in Society  (Danish) Block 1
Climate Physics (Danish)
Block 1
Diversity of the Organisms - The Tree of Life (Danish)
Block 1
Important Flows in Society (Danish) Block 1
Nature and Landscape Politics (Danish) Block 1
Block 2
GIS in the Analysis of Climate Adaptation (Danish)
Block 2
Global Geographical Systems (Danish) Block 2
Natural Resource Chemistry (Danish) Block 2
Sustainable Natural Resource Management (Danish) Block 2
Climate Change, Disasters and Human Mobility Autumn 
Global Challenges in International Law
HELGA. Nature, Science and Democracy (Danish) Autumn
Nature, Humanity, and Global Perspectives in Modern Spirituality and Esotericism
Sustainable Denmark: How can We achieve Sustainable Development Autumn
The Arctic, Climate Change, and International Law Autumn
Thematic course: Climate, Sustainability and Environmental Governance Autumn
Basic Arctic Biology (Danish)
Block 3

Climatology and Hydrology (Danish)

Block 3

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Block 3
Applied Near-Surface Climate and Hydrology (Danish)
Block 4
Understanding Sustainability Summer


Applied Ethnobotany Block 1
Biodiversity in Urban Nature Block 1
Climate Change and Water Resources Block 1
Ecosystems, Climate and Climate Change Block 1
Ethics, Environment and Society Block 1
Paleo-Climatology Block 1
Advanced Ecology Block 2
Agroforestry Block 2
Applied Insect Ecology and Biological Control Block 2
Biorefinery – From Plants to Bioenergy, Biochemicals, Biomaterials, and High Value Products Block 2
Climate Change and Land Use Block 2
Climate Change and Biogeochemical Cycles Block 2
Climate Management in Plant Production and Research Block 2
Climate Solutions Block 2
Geopolitics of Climate Change Block 2
Global Forestry and Climate Change Block 2
Innovation in Food Systems Block 2
Participatory Natural Resource Governance Block 2
Climate Change: An Interdisciplinary Challenge Block 1 & 2
Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation Block 1 & 2
Environmental Management in Europe Block 1 & 2
Advanced Economics of the Environment and Climate Change Autumn
Anthropological Climate Lab: Coasts (Danish)
‘Apricot Trees Exist’: Creative Environmental Reading and Writing in English Autumn
Climate Change and the Law Autumn 
Climate Diplomacy: A discipline across security, trade, and development
Climate, Sustainability and Environmental Governance Autumn 
Democratic Innovations in a Green Transition
Energy Economics of the Green Transition
International Environmental Law
International Law of the Sea
Perspectives on sustainability Autumn 
Protest movements, Culture, and Social Change Autumn
The Politics of Environment and Climate
Applied Ecosystem Ecology Block 3
Climate Change Mechanisms and Tipping Points Block 3
Global Environmental Governance Block 3
Herd Health Consultancy and Veterinary Public Health (Danish) Block 3
Motivation and Pro-Environmental Behaviour - Managing Change Block 3
Plant Ecophysiology in a Changing Climate Block 3
Sensory Biology Block 3
The Economics of Climate Change Block 3
Arctic Nature & Society Block 4
Climate Models and Observations Block 4
Energy Systems and Climate Mitigation Block 4
Geoengineering Block 4
Human Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability Block 4
Tropical Forest Restoration Block 4
One Health Block 3 + 4
Climate, environment and nature: basic anthropological concepts Spring
Climate opinion and behavior in social data science Spring
Democracy in a climate crisis – how is the need for urgent green transition challenging our democracy?
Economics of the Environment and Climate Change Spring
Innovation law and stimulating green technologies to tackle climate change Spring
Moot court competition about climate and sustainability Spring
Sociological Perspectives on the Green transitions Spring 
Transnationalism in Global Climate Politics Spring
One Health International Summer Course Summer
Sustainable Development of Land Use Summer


Climate Change Adaptation and Green Technologies (Danish) Block 1 
Advanced Nature Management (Danish) Block 2
Green roofs basic (Danish) Summer