Join students from CBS and DTU during fall 2018 in two cross-disciplinary MSc courses in sustainability. Open to all students at the University of Copenhagen. 

About the courses

Students from CBS, DTU and UCPH are brought together in these two courses offered by CBS and taught by faculty from all three universities. Students will be exposed to a systems thinking approach in relation to sustainability, drawing from business studies, engineering and science.

The overall aim is to develop a generation of specialist professionals who can work successfully in multi-disciplinary teams to solve the sustainability challenges society and business face.

First Quarter:
Sustainability Challenges 1:
Multi-disciplinary Approaches

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Second Quarter:
Sustainability Challenges 2:
Specific Systems and Capstone Project

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Application procedure

See The step-by-step Guide in the right hand box.

Students said

“I LOVED to have professors from both CBS, DTU and KU!”

"Everyone should know this stuff”

“Increased my understanding of interlinkages between energy, food, waste”

Really interesting concept of joining three universities - this was my main reasoning for selecting this course”

"I like the mixing with students from other educational backgrounds"

The courses are coordinated by

Sustainability Science Centre (UCPH)
Global Decision Support Initiative (DTU)
CBS Sustainability (CBS)

Read more about Copenhagen Sustainability Initiative - COSI