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Below you'll find a non-exhaustive list of popular literature on sustainability science produced by or in collaboration with University of Copenhagen.

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Edited by Jens Hoff and Quentin Gausset

The failure of the international community to reach significant global agreements on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has led local governments, environmental organisations and citizens themselves to focus increasingly on the local possibilities for action on climate change.

Climate Change Congress Synthesis report

The Synthesis Report from The International Scientific Congress entitled "Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges & Decisions" (2009) includes the key messages from the congress. The report is available in eight languages:

English | Danish | French | Spanish

Also see the Congress website for more information

Publications in Danish

Klimaets kommunale tilstand. Klimapolitik i danske kommuner

By Jens Hoff and Mikkel Giver Kjer

Klimaets kommunale tilstand undersøger, hvorfor landets kommuner tilsyneladende har kastet sig ud i en kommunal »klimarevolution«. På baggrund af to spørgeskemaundersøgelser gennemført i samtlige af landets kommuner i 2011 og 2014 samt 36 interviews med borgmestre, kommunalpolitikere og klimamedarbejdere svarer bogen på, hvad kommunerne foretager sig på klimaområdet, hvorfor de handler, hvordan de handler og med hvem, de udfører deres forskellige klimaaktiviteter.

Forsideillustration til bogen Klima og mennesker

Klima og mennesker. Humanistiske perspektiver på klimaforandringer

Edited by Mikkel Sørensen (KU) and Mikkel Fugl Eskjær (AAU)


This anthology introduces the field of climate change as seen through the lens of the humanities. It establishes the nature and importance of the contributions made by the disciplines of the humanities and further exemplifies how this can be done.

Økologiske fødevarer - hvor bevæger forbrugerne sig hen?


The results from a large research project on organic consumer behaviour and the future market for organic food in Denmark. By the Danish Centre for Bioethics and Risk Assessment (CeBRA)

Det ubevæbnede øje by Jakob Wolf


All over the planet, people are fighting to save animals and plants from extinction – even though many species have no utilitarian value for us. In a new book, University of Copenhagen theologian Jakob Wolf takes up this aspect of the climate debate in the context of a religious ethic that spans cultures and religions.

Klimaets sociale tilstand by Peter Gundelach and colleagues


An analysis on how young Danes between 18 and 35 years relate to climate change. A total of 2.548 people participated in the analysis. Peter Gundelach, professor in sociology at University of Copenhagen is one of the three authors.