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Young Researchers - ODYSUS

In the Oresund Region we are seeing the convergence of an Early Career Researchers Network for Sustainability Science. The network centers on Phd-students and Postdocs, but comprises young researchers from Master thesis students to young associate professors - and the like.

The Sustainability Science Centre has chosen to support this network, assisting with occasional secretarial aid and collaborating on events.

Workshop series on the SDGs

With the Danish UN Association, the United Nations Development Programme UNDP, and the Sustainability Science Centre, ODYSUS is arranging a series of workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals - the SDGs.

#1: The series was kicked off by Guido Schmidt-Traub at the IARU Sustainability Science Congress in Copenhagen in October 2014.

#2: In November, Paul Ladd, Head of UNDP’s Team on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, spoke on the development of the SDGs.

#3: On 25 February Magdy Martínez-Solimán, UNDP’s Assistant Administrator and Director of the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, gave a talk at a Sustainability Lecture as part of this series. The lecture was called Rethinking Sustainable Development in the Post-2015 Era.

#4: On 7 October a workshop on SDGs and the Use of Data was held. The debate was about what the SDG's are measuring and how. We also got acquainted with the ethical aspects of this use of data and discussed what it means for academia within an interdisciplinary group of sustainability researchers.

#5: On 2-3 June 2016 the first Danish Future Earth Summit took place at the University of Copenhagen. This meeting brought together leading and early career researchers to discuss challenges for the Nordic countries in the Sustainable Development Goals.