Globalization, climate change and human health

Global Health


As ecosystems are altered and biodiversity lost, climate change has become an increasing threat to humanity. Furthermore, the intersection between globalization and climate change presents new challenges as human health and well-being is unavoidably affected by these changes. As we have seen it with the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing temperatures and airborne virus resulted in overloaded hospitals and an uneven distribution of vaccines.

In the coming STIMULUS-workshop we will explore how climate change affects human health and discuss how climate change and health can be related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The workshop will take place on 23 March 2023 from 17.00-20.30 at Geobaren, Øster Voldgade 10, København Ø.

The workshop will include three talks from inspiring researchers within the field.

  • Katherine Richardson (Professor in biological oceanography and leader of Sustainability Science Centre) will introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals relative to human health.
  • Anna-Sofie Stensgaard (Associate professor, Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) will give talk about the connection between climate change and diseases.
  • Peter Furu (Associate professor and head of studies, Department of Public Health) will give a talk on Planetary Health.

The workshop sets the stage for discussions, conversations and idea generation in relation to the topic. The event is open and free to all students at the University of Copenhagen but requires registration through SSC’s webpage. A maximum of 30 students can participate in the workshop, and the event will include a free meal.

The registration deadline is 20 March 2023. To sign up, click here.

Registration is required.