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Energy Game - Changing the Game – University of Copenhagen

Interactive Energy Game for Students

The interactive, strategic energy game, Changing the Game, was developed by Energy Crossroads Denmark. It is a fusion of educational material, learning-by-doing and facilitated discussions. The focus is on future energy systems in the context of climate change.


08:00 Registration
08:30 Congress plenary talks
Climate, development and security in the age of adaptation by Adil Najam
Ocean biodiversity, threats and prioritized solutions by Jane Lubchenco
10:00 Congress session: Energy in a resource-constrained economy
11:30 Changing the Game, the interactive energy game
16:30 Congress session: free of choice, please see the program

The participants will start the day by attending two plenary talks followed by a session on Energy in a resource constrained economy at the IARU Conference. Then, the participants will join the interactive student game helping them to grasp the interdependencies between various sectors, such as transport, industry and electricity production. The various backgrounds of the students enrich the discussions and reveal the complexity of prioritizing resources for a more sustainable future. Planning how to meet the future energy needs will be done in a visual, tangible way using LEGO bricks.

At the end of the session, participants have designed an energy plan for 2030 and have a good basis for future disucssions about renewable energy, energy demand, greenhouse gas emissions and abatement.

The participants have free access to the rest of the congress sessions on October 23rd after the game.


The game will take place at the IARU Sustainability Science Congress on October 23rd. The venue is Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel & Conference Center.

Who can participate?

The participants in this side-event are Bachelor and Master students with a basic knowledge about the challenges with energy and sustainaiblity, who study a relevant discipline (for instance, but not limited to, biology, engineering or political sciences).
Participation is funded mainly by educational institutions who wish to reward promising students as well as strengthen the sustainability agenda.

Sponsor students

Would you like to sponsor students to this event? For heads of studies, program directors and others that are interested in rewarding excellent students by sponsoring their participation to the event – please contact the side-event project manager
Piret Liv Stern Dahl: +45 31 21 10 02