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Copenhagen Competition – University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Competition


The Copenhagen Competition is an international negotiation competition in which students from all over the world simulate real multilateral negotiations. Previously, it was limited to law students, however, in light of the current trends in research and scholarship aiming to break down the barriers between different scientific areas, the competition is now truly inter-disciplinary and is linked in with the 2014 IARU Congress on Sustainability Science which takes place immediately after the competition.

Copenhagen Competition is comprised of two rounds: A written and an oral round. The written round functions as the qualification round for the oral round. The written round is evaluated for both its ‘hard science’ and legal analysis as well as any synergies between the two, the proposals innovative elements as well as its realism (see more in the rules). The oral round is evaluated by 3 judges. The judges in the oral rounds will consider a range of aspects of the negotiations when scoring the teams; such as legal analysis, scientific analysis, practicality, creativity and  innovation, negotiation style, negotiation flexibility, negotiation effectiveness, team work, ability to communicate across different disciplines, synergies arising from interdisciplinary teams, etc. (see more in the rules).


The oral round of Copenhagen Competition is hosted in Copenhagen 19-21 October 2014.

Who can participate?

The participants in the Copenhagen Competition are students from selected top universities from around the world. Each invited University can participate with one team and one country can maximum be represented by two teams. The invited universities are: The star alliance IARU Universities' Law Faculties and selected universities from regions that are not represented in the IARU star alliance.

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